Aug 6, 2007

Ozzie Knows it All (Yeah Right...)

So there have been lots of exciting things going on around our house lately. First off, my Dad had some kind of drastic bye-past surgery. I guess he is trying to forget some awful memory or something. Anyway, he has been home all week and we are having a good time hanging out with him.

In other news, our oldest human brother is getting ready to start his third year at some belly button school in Minneapolis. I can't imagine there would be that much to learn about belly buttons, but oh well.

Our youngest human brother is going to height school this year. He did get a little taller this summer so I guess it's about time----Ozzie

O.k. gang. Ozzie's ear problem is back. Evidently, he is not hearing too well, on top of other things. To clarify his post, our Dad had Gastric By-Pass surgery. He is doing terrific and we are doing an even terrificer job of helping him get better. Our oldest brother is leaving next week to start his 3rd year at the Naval Academy in Annapolis. We are very proud of him. And our youngest human will be a freshman in high school. Geez, where does the time go. It seems he was only a puppy yesterday. Ha! Ha!




Balboa & Mommy said...


I'm glad you clarrified, I figured out the gastric by pass and high school, but even mom was stumped about the belly button school

ANYWAY.... We are glad your dad is feeling better and all went well with his surgery. PLus that is so cool that one of your brothers will be in the naval academy, I hope he can bring you lots of treats.

Frenchie SNorts

The Brat Pack said...

We found you through DWB and wanted to say hi!

We hope your Dad is feeling better!

The Brat Pack

rpm said...

wow, lots going on at y'all's house! You are lucky to have a big brother that wears that pretty Navy uniform!

Lorenza said...

I hate surgeries but I am glad your dad is doing well!
Give kisses to all your family from me.
Have a good night

Waylon & Willie - the Boston Terrier brothers said...

We hope your dad is doing well! We think the Naval academy is awesome..out brother will be in 8th grade this year - no belly button school for him!