Oct 30, 2010

Group shot?

They simply refuse to give me a good pose! Every time I pull out the camera, they scatter:)

Oct 24, 2010


It has been a long time since we last posted and OMD so much has happened. It seems our wild n' crazy lives have been changed forever...
On Sept. 23 our mom brought this thing home. She says it is our new baby sister. Does it look like our sister to you???
Anyways we are doing our best to make her feel at home and we do think she's sorta sweet. Her name is Lola. I keep humming that stupid Copa Cabana song, OMD. So guys, whada ya think? Should we let her stay???
At the Copa, Copa Cabana, the hottest spot north of Havana...

Jul 12, 2010

Hot Dog!

We don't have any pictures to go with this post because Mom didn't have her camera with her this morning. We just wanted to share with you what happened at her office building this morning. She was taking her break and she and a friend were walking around the office building and they came across a parked car with a little dog locked inside. Two of the windows were barely down and it was already getting very hot outside! After finishing their walk (about 20 minutes later) they noted the dog was still locked in the car. They notified the local police dept. and they came over and broke into the car and freed the dog! Had it not been for our mom and her friend this poor pooch probably wouldn't have made it. The person who owned the car did not come back to their car for well over an hour! We know none of you guys would ever be put in this situation by your owners but we just wanted you to all be aware! The weather is so hot right now and it doesn't take long for a car to turn into an oven! Just yesterday an 18 month old child was left in a car in a town just down the road from us and sadly he didn't make it! What are people thinking when they do these things???
Stay cool and be careful!
Ozzie & Rocky

Mar 23, 2010

A Catastrophy!

We cannot believe what our Mom has been doing! We hate to admit that this has been going on for several months now and we don't see any end in sight! We find this disgusting to say the least! These pictures tell the awful story! These dirty beggar cats come to our doorstep twice a day and our Mom FEEDS them! Sometimes we watch from the back gate and she tells us we are not even allowed to bark, can you guyz believe that??? What should we do about this? We think Mom has lost her mind! Any suggestions???

Feb 16, 2010

We got mail!

We are so excited! We got a package in the mail today from our buddy Joe Stains. We won a contest over at his blog when we left a comment about our favoritest post after he made his 1000th post! That's alot of blogging! Thanks Joe (and Tanner too). We love the corn shank and the rubber chicken. Ozzie had one of those chickens before but he disected it so this one will come in handy! Mom said to tell you she loves the keychain too and we think those treats from your local bakery are awesome! Thanks again guys and keep on blogging:)

Ozzie & Rocky

Feb 1, 2010

OMD! I Think Ozzie is Smiling:)

As you can see poor Mr. Bill has met his demise, there isn't much left!