Feb 16, 2010

We got mail!

We are so excited! We got a package in the mail today from our buddy Joe Stains. We won a contest over at his blog when we left a comment about our favoritest post after he made his 1000th post! That's alot of blogging! Thanks Joe (and Tanner too). We love the corn shank and the rubber chicken. Ozzie had one of those chickens before but he disected it so this one will come in handy! Mom said to tell you she loves the keychain too and we think those treats from your local bakery are awesome! Thanks again guys and keep on blogging:)

Ozzie & Rocky

Feb 1, 2010

OMD! I Think Ozzie is Smiling:)

As you can see poor Mr. Bill has met his demise, there isn't much left!