May 21, 2007

Not too Mundane Monday

So Rocky thought it would be cool to scare mom to death at lunch today. She put him out back by himself (as usual), and took me out front on my leash, because I am so SPECIAL. When I was through (when she decided I was through) she took me back inside and went out back to bring Rocky in. When she called him he came running around the back of the house all goofy and when he got close to her she saw that he was FOAMING AT THE MOUTH!!! She picked him up and brought him inside and after a few more moments of acting weird he came around to himself. He's been o.k. tonight. We have been running around and playing bitey face as usual. But she's still keeping an eye on him and making me not play too rough.



May 20, 2007

Lazy Sunday

We haven't posted in like forever. Things have been pretty quiet around here. We have been enjoying walks down to the elementary school at the end of our street lately. Ozzie likes to poop there. He won't poop unless mom walks him down there. He whines until she gives in and takes him there. He is like so annoying sometimes. But today, he got to do some police work while he was there. When he got to his favorite poop spot he and mom noticed that someone had broken two windows in the school cafeteria. Only one more week of school and somebad body is vandalizing the school. He told mom to hurry home and call the police and someone came and boarded up the windows. What would they do without Ozzie and his wierd bathroom habits and his great detective skills? Yeah, right!