Oct 27, 2008

I demand equal time---it's only fair!

Mom took these pictures about a whole week before she "captured the moment" with Rocky's big rat! I don't think Rocky even ever knew that thing was anywhere around! Geesh! Look at me here. I have this huge killer squirrel up in the tree! Can't you tell that he is just shaking like a leaf! I am the most fierce squirrel hunter on my street! This guy is just lucky that I am not snuggling up on a squirrel skin rug right now!

Oct 24, 2008


OMD! Look at this picture! This huge creature is perched on the fence in my backyard as I speak! Mom doesn't even think I was aware of its presence. She went out back to call me inside and just happened to glance over and see it! Only about 5 feet away from her! As you can see in the other picture she tucked me safely inside before she attempted to "capture the moment"!