Jul 30, 2008

An Award!

Look over on the sidebar! Our sweet friend Sandy over at Ragus Pug presented us with the Brilliante Weblog Award. We love reading her blog and keeping up with her and her two little pug pups! Thanks Sandy!
Ozzie & Rocky & their Mom

Jul 19, 2008

The weekend!

So here's a picture of that stupid ball that Ozzie mangled. It has mysteriously dissappeared by the way.
I am so glad it is the weekend. It's cool having the parents around to feed me treats and tend to my every whim, ha! ha! I have them wrapped around my paw! I had several seizures a few days ago and that always seems to get their attention!
Here is also a picture of me and my oldest furless brother. He left early Thursday morning for the Naval Academy. He is helping out with the end of Plebe Summer. We sure miss him. Every now and then I imagine I can smell some turkey cookin'. That's when he will be back. We can hardly wait!
Hope you guyz and gals are all enjoying your weekend!

Jul 16, 2008

Had a ball, but no more...

Everyone has commented on my big red ball. Was that cool or what? We really don't know where it came from. One day it was in a yard down the street from our house and then it slowly moved down the street and into my mouth! Can you believe that?
Anyways, the ball has seen better days. Dad took it away from me. My oldest furless brother kept commenting the other day that I sure smelled like poop. Anyways, Dad got to investigating and guess what? I had like this really long string that he pulled from uh, well you know and he said I probably swallowed it while I was dismantling that huge ball! So he took the ball away... No pictures of the string, Mom says that is gross. But she will take a pic of the ball and publish it later so you can see what a good job I did on it. That is, if Dad didn't already toss it in the trash!

Jul 14, 2008

Dog Daze

We have really been enjoying our summer. Just hanging out and doing a whole lot of nothin'. Our oldest furless brother will be leaving later this week. We hate to see him go and we have really enjoyed our visit. We won't see him again until we smell the turkey. That will be awhile...
Anyways, here are a couple of pictures to prove the point about us not being up to much. Hope every doggy has been enjoying these Dog Daze as much as we have!

Jul 2, 2008

Hey, We've Been Busy!

Just thought we would let everydoggy know that we are still here. We've just been busy since last Thursday evening and here is a picture and video to show why. Yep, that's right, our oldest furless brother is back home! We sure have missed him. He will be here until the middle of this month and we are really enjoying having him around!