Sep 27, 2007

Shhh, Mom Doesn't Know I'm Posting

I better hurry so Mom won't know I'm up and on the computer. Shorthand version, stung by wasp, hives, vet, steroid shot, coughed and hacked up medicine (Ozzie ate it), seizure, fell out of bed, Mom's nervous wreck--no squirrel posse today--oh well, it's raining anyway.
P.S. The dateline on this post is wrong---it's Saturday, Sept. 29, 2007---about 7:30 a.m.

Squirrel Possee--Whoo Hoo!

So, it looks like alot of you guyz have had the same problem as we do with these furry little varmints! We are so glad that you all share the same view that we do. We need to get together as soon as possible and launch our attack.

Note this picture--we are honing our squirrel attack skills on our human brother. We were strong enough to knock him down and tear his jeans---just imagine the damage we could do to a squirrel! Oh yeah!

Sep 25, 2007

Mornings with that Mean, Evil Squirrel...

There is a squirrel that hangs out in the oak tree in our back yard every morning. It taunts us. It looks down and laughs it's stupid little squirrel laugh. Mom wasn't even quick enough to get a picture of him this morning. Just wait Mr. Squirrel. You will be ours!!!

Sep 21, 2007

Weekend Fun...

Ozzie what is that SMELL???

Sep 16, 2007

Evening Stroll

Mom decided that in the spirit of brotherly love, and since Rocky had made a nasty post and a questionable apology earlier this week, that both of us would go for a walk with her this afternoon. I really enjoy my private time with Mom, and I guess the only reason Rocky wasn't going with us before was because Mom was always afraid he would have a seizure and she would freak out. But he's doing ok on his meds so she decided he can start going too. I was enjoying thinking that she liked me best. Afterall, I'm the most loveable, I don't have a Doofus Dot, I don't chew my leash in to every chance I get, I don't pee on my feet, I'm not afraid of everything....I could go on and on...But I guess that's not any nicer than what Rocky said about me, so since I'm so nice, before Mom tells me to I will take it all back. Sorry you are a sissy Rockman.



Sep 12, 2007

Uh, oh!

So mom saw what I wrote about Ozzers earlier and she told me that was not a very nice thing to say about my brother. She says that I have to make a public apology to him and that I must be more understanding. So o.k. I am sorry you were dropped on your head when you were a puppy Ozzie. There Mom, I apologized.
Good night.
P.S. I am also being forced to admit that I am the one with the Doofus spot on my head so that there won't be a case of mistaken identity.

C'mon Ozzie, You Can Do It!

I have been working with Ozzie trying to teach him the finer points of Tug of War. Actually I've been busting my hump trying to teach him to play Tug of War,period. He's more into chewing or sucking on toys. He drives me nuts! Sometimes when I am in the middle of a rousing game of Tug of War with Mom, he comes over and just puts his mouth on whatever I am pulling on, like he's playing too. I swear, sometimes I think he was dropped when he was a puppy or something. Hopefully Mom won't see that remark, I'd probably get a lecture....



Sep 8, 2007

Good Deed

Our brother Dylan did a good deed today, and boy are we ever proud of him! This morning one of our neighbors came over with a beautiful Boston girl that he thought was me (Rocky). I must say I was more than a little embarrassed. We took her in and gave her some of our food and some water. But anyhow, a little while later Dylan saw a poster with this little girl's face on it. He called the number shown and her Mom raced over and picked her up. She was so excited she even gave Dylan a reward (even though he insisted that she didn't need to.) The pup's name was Chastity and her Mom said she had been missing for two weeks. We sure are glad that we got to play a part in a happy ending!

Sep 6, 2007

DIET???? That's a four letter word!

Dad says I need to go on a diet. I'm a lean, mean fighting machine! Just look at me. And I can't help that the Ozzers is so slow eating his supper that I have to help him. He needs to be a little quicker on the draw. This is crazy. I heard Dad tell Mom not to leave out kibble AND to start making my homemade food with chicken instead of my favorite hamburger.... Ugh! What's a guy to do?

Sep 3, 2007

Enjoying a Lazy Day at Home

We had a very quiet and lazy Labor Day. It rained and we pretty much napped. We work so hard the rest of the time, we felt like we were really deserving of a day off. Ha! Ha! We haven't been doing too much storm watching either. Felix looks like he will be vacationing in Mexico too. Mom's been watching it on the internet and giving us updates.
Someone requested a picture of the "Pill Pockets", so here it is. Mom says it sure makes things easier. Of course Ozzie has managed to weasel his way into getting a taste even though he isn't taking any medicine right now. He is so spoiled...go figure.