Jun 18, 2008

We Interrupt this Blog...

It is with much uh, sorrow, yeah that's it, that uh we have to report that the "creature" is MIA. We also would like to say that we had nothing to do with it's disappearance. That's all we have to say about that.
Ozzie & Rocky

Jun 16, 2008


Look at this video! Can you believe that? Our Mom is harboring this "creature"! She's even feeding it. It is lurking out in the garage as we speak! Oh the horror!

Jun 14, 2008

Life is goooooooooooooood!

I am so stoked!!! Mom has forgotten to chase me around with that syringe full of Potassium Bromide twice now!!! I can't believe how good things are. This is great!
(Note from Mom: He just THINKS he's not getting his meds! After months of chasing him around with a syringe and making him take an oral medication that must have been horrendous, we got the vet to have it compounded into capsule form! Just slip a little capsule into his favorite treat and he never knows the difference!)

Jun 11, 2008

I'm almost a celebrity!

I'm so 'cited because I won honorable mention over at http://pugandbugg.blogspot.com. They have a weekly photo contest going on over there and this week was dress up week. I was kind of embarrassed by the entry Mom submitted, but hey, I sorta won, so that's great! Thanks Sophie and Dixie! This photo contest has really been fun!

Jun 2, 2008

C'mon, share already...

Our oldest human brother has been home from the Naval Academy for a few days. He got here Thursday evening and found out he would be leaving Tuesday evening (tomorrow). We had thought he would be here until this Friday...But the good news is he will be back around the 25th of this month for a three week stay. In the meantime he will be suffering somewhere in Hawaii for a couple of weeks. We really feel bad for him...but duty calls. He will be spending about a week of that time on a submarine somewhere off the coast of Pearl Harbor. At least he hopes it will only be about a week...
But if he thinks that's bad, take a look at these pictures! Can you see him sitting there enjoying that giant chocolate milk shake??? He only let us lick his finger, once, giving us some lame story about chocolate not being good for us. Whatever!