Jun 14, 2008

Life is goooooooooooooood!

I am so stoked!!! Mom has forgotten to chase me around with that syringe full of Potassium Bromide twice now!!! I can't believe how good things are. This is great!
(Note from Mom: He just THINKS he's not getting his meds! After months of chasing him around with a syringe and making him take an oral medication that must have been horrendous, we got the vet to have it compounded into capsule form! Just slip a little capsule into his favorite treat and he never knows the difference!)


Ed and Kelly said...

Ozzie, that's great news! We've found that the best ways to avoid getting our meds are to either spit it back out at Mom (this works particularly well if it's a liquid) or hold it until you can hide it in your crate.

We're glad you've got it sorted out for yourself!

da Gooch and Sophie

Peanut said...

Well dude that is great.

Maggie & Mitch said...

This is such great news to hear that you're swallowing your pill rather than being stabbed in the butt!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Joe Stains said...

wooo that is pawesome! Life really IS good!

Lorenza said...

Your Mom is doing a good job making you think that you are not taking more meds!
Hidding the pills in the treats is a good trick!
Kisses and hugs

Mack said...

Life must be good when you are as handsome as you !

Snowball said...

I good to hear that you dun have to be chased around with that syringe and stay well at the same time.

Continue to do well!


Amber said...

hee, that's great isn't it :)


Ike said...

That is the best face!
Ike's mom

AM said...

OMG, I had no idea you had to use a syringe! Much better plan now! ALfred loves his "treats"!

Nevis said...


Petra said...

Wonderful news! When I have to take pills, my mom hides them inside cheese and I never know the difference (at least I pretend like I don't).

Willie & Waylon said...

That is awesome!!! :)

rpm said...

Good thing he doesn't take time to smell his treats!

Amici said...

My uncle tried to give me my meds last weekend and I refused to take them. Eventually I lost, but at least I went down trying.

The next day I showed him by taking them perfectly for my Mom.

It isn't fun taking that stuff but if it helps stop us from twitching...than we are in good shape.