Dec 29, 2007

Wag'n Wraps!!!

Do you see what it says on the banda I am wearing? That's right I'm a Dingo! I feel just like a wild dog with this pawsome bone. Ozzie got one too. We are having a wild 'n crazy time right about now!

Dec 27, 2007

We're Baaaaaaaack!

We had the most pawsome Christmas ever! The family all came over and we got to open presents and the weather was so nice we even got to spend some time playing outside! We've had fun "fighting" over all of our toys. Mom just loves when we do that! It's just a game and we keep telling her that, but she just doesn't buy it! Hope all you pups had as good a Christmas as we did!

Catch you later, I gotta go steal that toy out of Ozzie's mouth!


Dec 19, 2007

Happy Wednesday!

I tell you guyz, Mom's been off almost a week now, and it has been like pulling teeth to get her to help with the blog. I finally got a little of her time this morning. I've been catching up on other dogs blogs and updating my links. I have so many new friends I need to add. Doesn't she realize I don't have thumbs and I really could use her help? Ozzie is too lazy to even get out of the laundry basket to read blogs with me this morning. He just loves to sleep in Mom's clean laundry and it drives her nuts! I think it serves her right though, for not giving us more of her time!

Dec 16, 2007

Just Hangin' Out

We've been super lazy these days, so sorry if we've kind of neglected our blogging posts. We have been reading everydoggy's blogs, we just haven't paid much attention to ours. But we're back!

Our oldest human brother flew in Tuesday night and we have been enjoying his company. He will fly out again this coming Wednesday morning to attend the Poinsettia Bowl in San Diego, but he told us he would be back in plenty time for Santa Paws!

We've been enjoying getting Christmas Cards from our DWB friends these past couple of weeks. As you can tell we have about run out of room. Thank goodness Mom and Dad don't get too many cards. We only got one of the one's we mailed out returned. Mom's fault--she didn't write the address down correctly. She will put it back in the mail tomorrow though! She will be off work until after Christmas so she has no excuse not to spend plenty of time giving belly rubs and helping us with our blog!

Hope all you pups are staying warm. It was 30 degrees in our back yard this morning. We had to put on the coats again! Brrrrr.

Catch you later dogs!

Ozzie & Rocky

Dec 6, 2007

The Tree is Up!!!

We finally got the tree up and we are so excited, can't you tell from these pics? We can't wait 'til Mom's not looking so we can drag that skirt thing out from underneath it! We just love our tree!

Dec 4, 2007


Just thought I'd let all you pups know my Mom talked to the vet this morning. He is upping my Phenobarbitol to 45 mgs twice a day. He told her to give it to me like that for a couple of weeks and then let him know how I am doing. If all goes well I shouldn't need to be poked anymore for 6 months! That would be a good thing!

Dec 2, 2007

Sending out the Christmas Cheer...

Just wanted everydoggy to know that I am feeling much better and have been busy helping mom get out the snail mail cards and the e-cards to all of our DWB friends. We have mailed about half and still need to send out a few more e-cards, but we are getting there! Hope you all had a good weekend!



Nov 29, 2007

Update on Rocky

Thanks to everyone for your well wishes and advice. I really appreciate your in put. Rocky's seizures started in May of this year. There was no apparent reason or underlying factor so the vet just diagnosed it as canine epilepsy. He took bloodwork this morning and will have a report for me on Monday. He did not want to up the dosage just yet. He did say that if Rocky ever had a seizure he didn't want to come out of that I should get him out there right away for an injection of Valium. He said that would pull him out of it. He also said we could try other medications if we couldn't get the phenobarbitol to do the trick. He said Rocky could expect to live a long and happy life if we just get the seizures under control. I will wait and see what the tests indicate and I guess take it from there.

Rocky's Double Feature

This is Rocky's mom. I would really like some advice. Rocky had two seizures today. The first at 6:30 a.m. and the second around 6:30 p.m. The last one he had prior to today was the Sunday before Thanksgiving (he had three about twenty minutes apart very early that morning). He is taking 60 mgs of phenobarbitol a day now, (30 in a.m., 30 in p.m.) When he had the three seizure episode I called the vet and he increased the phenobarbitol from 45 mgs per day to the 60 and said he wanted to see him in two weeks for bloodwork. My question is this, do you think I am going down the right road with this vet, or should I take him somewhere else? He started with the seizures in early May of this year and averages one about every two weeks. I would appreciate any feedback, especially from those of you battling the same problem!

Nov 24, 2007

Fun, fun, fun!

We had the bestest time this evening playing tug of war with our oldest human brother. He will be leaving early, early in the morning to fly back to Annapolis. We will miss him, but he will be back Dec. 11 and will stay until after the New Year! Yeah!

Nov 21, 2007

It's Almost Turkey Day!

Our oldest human brother is home for Thanksgiving. He had to give a presentation at the local High School on Tuesday for Career Day so Mom made him stand still long enough to get a picture in his dress blues. He likes to have his picture taken almost as much as we do.
Here is also a picture of the front door of the our house after it was painted. We like our red door.
Hope all you pups and your people have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Ozzie & Rocky

Nov 17, 2007

Feeling Much Better

I'm feeling much better today. Mom called the vet this morning and he increased my medicine to 60 mgs per day. Hopefully this will do the trick. I have to go see him in two weeks for blood work. Lets all keep our paws crossed!

Not such a great day...

We enjoyed sleeping in our new bed until around 3:40 a.m. when Rocky had his first of three seizures this morning. They were about 20 minutes apart. He slept most of the morning after that and did not feel real good most of the day. We are playing and "fighting" a little bit this evening, and he got Mom to play Tug of War with him a couple times. She's gonna call the vet in the morning to see if he wants to adjust Rocky's medicine again.
On a good note our oldest human brother came home from the Naval Academy today to spend Turkey Day with us. We were very excited to see him and it made everybody feel alot better after our rough morning. We'll keep you updated with what the doctor has to say.


Our New Bed Arrived!

We got our new bed today and we really are enjoying it. Here is a picture of us settling in for the night. Do you think we should let Mom and Dad join us? We haven't decided...

Nov 16, 2007


Mom put our new coats on us before we went out in the yard this morning! It's about 46---cold for us southern doggies!

Nov 12, 2007

Sad things and good things...

Sad things first. We are so sorry to hear that our buddy Baxterman over at Raguspug has passed over the Rainbow Bridge. Mom says it is o.k. for us to be sad, but she reminds us that our friend is in a good place where there is no pain. We will be keeping his family and his good friend Sugar in our thoughts...

Onto good things. They FINALLY finished up with the house on Friday. Mom promised us she will get pictures up soon. She says it really was worth all we had to put up with.

We are also having a new bed delivered this Saturday. Mom was concerned that the one we have now wasn't good for our backs and was keeping us up. We might let her sleep with us if she wants. Ha! Ha!


Ozzie & Rocky

Nov 6, 2007

Ready for Winter

Mom and Dad went to Petsmart for us over the weekend and we got a couple of cool new toys, some pig ears and matching winter coats. They also bought each of us a harness because Mom says it is almost impossible to walk us at the same time with our regular collars. Something about us getting tangled together . Whatever...

Nov 3, 2007

Ya Hoo!

Way to go Navy! Way to break Notre Dame's winning streak!!!! We are so excited! Our oldest human brother is a Midshipman at the Academy! Whoo Hoo!

Ozzie & Rocky

Nov 1, 2007

Case of Mistaken Identity...

While we would like to take credit for the pawsome Ozzie costume over at Ike's costume contest, we cannot. We do not know who that cool rocking little dude was, but it is not this Ozzie. Congratulations to you, whoever you are!

Also, happy wedding day to Ike and Martha. How exciting!

Ozzie (the other cool Ozzie) and Rocky

Oct 30, 2007

He's Back!!!!

You guys will not believe who was in the yard next to ours when Mom came home for lunch today! And we have a picture to prove it! It was that evil squirrel. He just sat and looked at us and knawed on an acorn while we jumped and screamed and growled at him. He was not afraid of us at all...He better watch out though. He hasn't seen the last of us yet.

On another note, they are still working on our house. They have also invaded the space in our back yard, our sanctuary...Mom will not let us stay out there alone because of the stuff they leave laying around. She says it is not safe for us. We are glad they are fixing the place up, but we will sure be glad when they are through!

Oct 28, 2007

Blue Monday

Rocky had another seizure this morning around 5:20. It did not last very long and he seemed o.k. after. He did not want to go back to bed and insisted on patrolling the house and actually barking in the living room. He didn't go back to bed until about the time Mom left for work about 20 'til 8:00. Tonite he still seems to be feeling o.k. Everydoggy keep your paws crossed...


We haven't been up to a whole lot lately, but we have been putting up with a lot. Our house is being painted this week. They've been hammering and scraping and priming. We haven't been able to see them doing all of this, but boy have we heard them... Another thing that we are not too keen on is that while all of these renovations are going on our dad isn't coming home to sleep during the day. He has been staying at Grandmas...That really messes things up for us. Here are a couple of pictures so you can see what they've been doing. We will post after pictures when we have an after. Can't be soon enough for us!

Oct 22, 2007

We're Still Here

Not alot of blogworthy stuff has been going on lately, so we have just been buzy reading other doggie's blogs. We did finally get some cooler weather today---Fall has finally arrived. Mom says we are acting extra wild and crazy tonite. 'Course you can't tell it from this picture. We just hate when she pulls out the camera and she's just not sneaky enough to catch us in action!


Ozzie & Rocky

Oct 15, 2007

Happy Birthday to Our Oldest Brother!

Our oldest human brother turns 21 tomorrow. Our mom cannot believe he will already be that old. We cannot believe she still likes to refer to him as her baby. Just look at this picture of him. Yikes! He is a member of the Navy Powerlifting Team.

Oct 11, 2007


Just wanted to say a special thanks to Saidie n' Boatie for the Love Your Blog Award. Balboa passed this on to us earlier and Mom just figured out how to add it to our Blog--ha! ha! She is so NOT computer literate.

Thanks everydoggy!

Ozzie & Rocky

Oct 9, 2007


Mom bought us in all this cool stuff today. We had Grammy's Pot Pie for Dinner and then she let us have Pegetables. Are we spoiled or what?

Double Trouble

I had TWO seizures today. The first one was at about 11 a.m. when I was sleeping with my Dad. I had another one a little before 5 p.m. while Ozzie and I were playing bitey face. Mom called the vets and he upped my phenobarbitol to 30 mgs in the morning and 15 at night. Hopefully this will work. Keep your pawz crossed!

Oct 5, 2007

All Fired UP!

It's almost 1:00 a.m., but we're all fired up! Mom saw a flea and we both got baths at midnight! Can you believe that??? It's time to go to bed and she's giving us baths and throwing all of our blankies in the washing machine! We're gonna show her now. She ain't going to sleep for a loooooong time! We're two wild 'n crazy guyz and we are ready to party!

Oct 2, 2007

Back to Normal

Of course you couldn't tell it by these pictures (Mom insisted on turning on the bedroom lights and shooting these way too early in the morning), but Rocky has made a full recovery and everything is back to normal. As normal as it can be when you are Two Wild and Crazy Guyz!



Sep 27, 2007

Shhh, Mom Doesn't Know I'm Posting

I better hurry so Mom won't know I'm up and on the computer. Shorthand version, stung by wasp, hives, vet, steroid shot, coughed and hacked up medicine (Ozzie ate it), seizure, fell out of bed, Mom's nervous wreck--no squirrel posse today--oh well, it's raining anyway.
P.S. The dateline on this post is wrong---it's Saturday, Sept. 29, 2007---about 7:30 a.m.

Squirrel Possee--Whoo Hoo!

So, it looks like alot of you guyz have had the same problem as we do with these furry little varmints! We are so glad that you all share the same view that we do. We need to get together as soon as possible and launch our attack.

Note this picture--we are honing our squirrel attack skills on our human brother. We were strong enough to knock him down and tear his jeans---just imagine the damage we could do to a squirrel! Oh yeah!

Sep 25, 2007

Mornings with that Mean, Evil Squirrel...

There is a squirrel that hangs out in the oak tree in our back yard every morning. It taunts us. It looks down and laughs it's stupid little squirrel laugh. Mom wasn't even quick enough to get a picture of him this morning. Just wait Mr. Squirrel. You will be ours!!!

Sep 21, 2007

Weekend Fun...

Ozzie what is that SMELL???

Sep 16, 2007

Evening Stroll

Mom decided that in the spirit of brotherly love, and since Rocky had made a nasty post and a questionable apology earlier this week, that both of us would go for a walk with her this afternoon. I really enjoy my private time with Mom, and I guess the only reason Rocky wasn't going with us before was because Mom was always afraid he would have a seizure and she would freak out. But he's doing ok on his meds so she decided he can start going too. I was enjoying thinking that she liked me best. Afterall, I'm the most loveable, I don't have a Doofus Dot, I don't chew my leash in to every chance I get, I don't pee on my feet, I'm not afraid of everything....I could go on and on...But I guess that's not any nicer than what Rocky said about me, so since I'm so nice, before Mom tells me to I will take it all back. Sorry you are a sissy Rockman.



Sep 12, 2007

Uh, oh!

So mom saw what I wrote about Ozzers earlier and she told me that was not a very nice thing to say about my brother. She says that I have to make a public apology to him and that I must be more understanding. So o.k. I am sorry you were dropped on your head when you were a puppy Ozzie. There Mom, I apologized.
Good night.
P.S. I am also being forced to admit that I am the one with the Doofus spot on my head so that there won't be a case of mistaken identity.

C'mon Ozzie, You Can Do It!

I have been working with Ozzie trying to teach him the finer points of Tug of War. Actually I've been busting my hump trying to teach him to play Tug of War,period. He's more into chewing or sucking on toys. He drives me nuts! Sometimes when I am in the middle of a rousing game of Tug of War with Mom, he comes over and just puts his mouth on whatever I am pulling on, like he's playing too. I swear, sometimes I think he was dropped when he was a puppy or something. Hopefully Mom won't see that remark, I'd probably get a lecture....