Jan 31, 2008

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Just thought I'd let all of you know that Rocky saw his shadow this morning and we're gonna have 6 more weeks of winter!

Where's the beef?

I really haven't decided what I think about this new "diet". Look at the bag (is it huge enough or what already), and that can. Plain generic looking stuff. Mom doled some of the dry food out at lunch, pretending it was a "treat". Does she think I'm a dimwit or what? Ozzie bought it, but that's no surprise! Ha! Ha! Anyway, tonite she fed me some of the canned stuff. I ate it, because of course I was starving. No treats all day! She fed me while the Ozzers was out on his walk. When he came back she put me out in the yard for awhile. When I came back in, I swear, I smelled Little Cesar's on Ozzie's breath! What's up with that??? This is a travisty!

Later dudez and dudettes---


Jan 30, 2008


Rocky's mom here. He is not going to be a happy camper I am afraid! I heard from the vet this afternoon. One of his liver function tests showed to be moderatly elevated. He wants to put Rocky on a special ld diet for a couple of weeks and then check him again. He is going to keep him on the phenobarbitol like he's been on for right now. NO treats, just this new dog food. He is so spoilt to Little Cesar's and special treats all the time. Afraid Ozzie's little life will change too. No treats for Rocky will mean no treats for him too. Gotta treat them equal. Of course while poor Rocky's dining on prescription dog food, Ozzie will be getting the Little Cesar's. You will probably be hearing from the Rock Man real soon. The new diet will start tomorrow! Dad will pick up the new food on his way home from work in the morning.

Jan 29, 2008


Rocky's visit to the vet went pretty well this morning. The vet did blood work and said for us to call between 10:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. tomorrow to get the results. He said if he was us he would go ahead and continue to treat this as idiopathic seizures. He said we could spend a ton of money to try and find the cause, but that we couldn't "cure" the seizures, only control them. He said since Rocky is currently on such a high dosage of the phenobarbitol that he may consider treatment with potassium bromide. He also discovered he had a slight ear infection and gave us medication for that. He gave him a steroid shot to help calm his nerves. He said since he had so many seizures yesterday that his nerves were tied in knots and that could bring on more seizures and that the steroid would help that. He seemed much better when I saw him at noon. Paws and fingers crossed his tests all come back good and that the new medication will do the trick.
(Mom to Two Wild 'n Crazy Guyz)

Jan 28, 2008

Changing Doctors

Mom hadn't mentioned it in the blog because she didn't want to alarm any of my buddies, but I haven't been doing too well this month. My seizures have been pretty consistent since the first of the year. I had one on Jan 13th, 2 on Jan 17th and another on Jan 18th. That day she called the vet and he upped my Phenobarbitol to 60 mgs twice a day. He wanted me to come in in two weeks for bloodwork. Well, today, Jan 28, I have had 4 seizures. Dad is going to take me to my Grandpa's vet tomorrow. Grandpa takes his dacshund, Tanika to this vet and says that he is very good and only treats little animals. My regular vet also treats horses and cows and I really think they are his specialty, not little animals. So anyways, everyone keep your paws crossed for me that everything works out. Mom is a nervous wreck!

Jan 27, 2008

Just Hangin' Out

Never fear, we are still here. And Mom has been neglecting our blog, but not us. We've been getting plenty of belly rubs, kisses and treats so we can't complain. Hope all of you are doing as well. The weather has finally turned sunny and warm here for a couple of days. I have heard rumors about baths and Frontline. I suppose I'll go along with it this time!
Have a good one!

Jan 19, 2008

We got tagged by Balboa to list six things about ourselves.

  1. Ozzie-I love to stand by the refrigerator whenever someone is getting ice and beg for ice. I just love to munch on ice.
  2. Rocky-I love to beg for ice too, but I won't crunch it. I want someone to hold it for me so I can just lick it.
  3. Ozzie-I refuse to poop in my own yard. Mom has to take me down the street every day at approximately 5:30 p.m. so I can get my business done.
  4. Rocky-I sometimes have seizures.
  5. Ozzie-I occasionally do the "backwards sneeze" just to scare people to death.
  6. Rocky-I love to play tug of war.
  7. Ozzie-I love to suck on toys.
  8. Rocky-I like to sleep all the way under the covers.
  9. Ozzie-I just like to sleep with my head part way under the covers.
  10. Rocky-I love to chase cats and squirrels
  11. Ozzie-I love to snuggle
  12. Rocky-I only give lovies and stuff like that when I want my people to get up and let me outside.

That's probably more than we needed to list and we aren't going to tag anyone. You can play if you haven't been tagged and you would like to play. Hope you enjoyed getting to know these little weird things about us.

Ozzie & Rocky

Jan 13, 2008

NOT Happy Campers!!!!

What happened to our Cowboys??? This is a travisty! We have no choice but to back the Pats now...

Jan 8, 2008

Lazy Bones...

Not a whole lot to blog about since the holidays. Hope all you other pups have recooperated from the festivities. We have pretty much taken care of all our Christmas treats! Maybe that is why we are feeling so sluggish...ha! ha!

Later Dogz!

Ozzie & Rocky

Jan 1, 2008

Off to a cold start...

Brrr...I can feel your pain about now Joe! It is way too cold down here in South Texas! We are expecting a pretty good freeze tonight, but as you can see, I am prepared! Hope all you other doggies are keeping warm!