Aug 30, 2007


Mom took me to the vet today and it looks like I will have to take medication from here on out. I will be getting two doses of 15 mg Phenobarbytol twice a day... They did some blood work to check my liver levels and the vet will call mom in a few days with the results. I have to go back and see him in two weeks. I also got these real cool things called "Pill Pockets" to get my medicine in. They are yummy---they taste like beef. Ozzy can't have any...Ha! Ha!

ANOTHER Seizure....

Rocky had another seizure this afternoon. He woke me and Dad up around 4 p.m., but it only lasted like 10 seconds. Mom is going to take him to the vet Saturday morning to see about putting him on medication. He says he feels better now but I'm not making him play too hard tonight.

Catch you later-


Aug 26, 2007

Midnight Run

So, like last night the Oz and I had had what we thought was our last trip out to the back yard for the evening, and we were very much anticipating getting "tucked in". Mom and Dad had just finished watching the UFC and I heard Dad ask her if she would like to go to Wal-Mart. Go to Wal-Mart at midnight??? She said sure, if that's what he wanted to do. I looked at Ozz, this is crazy man, it's time for us to go to bed. Anyways....they were gone an hour or so, but Mom came back with midnight snacks for us, so she is forgiven this time.

Aug 24, 2007

Taking A Break from Storm Watch

Mom says I have to take a break from storm watching for a while because I had another seizure about 5 a.m. this morning. Oh well, there's really not too much to watch right now anyway....



Aug 21, 2007

Terry Vador----Yeah!

I watched the finale of America's Got Talent with Mom tonite. I was really happy that my favorite performer won. He even performed with Kermit the Frog---how cool is that???

In other news I am most proud to announce that my Dad (the greatest cooker in the whole wide world--he even made me homemade pizza over the weekend!!!) has lost a total of 32 pounds since he had Drastic By Past surgery on July 30th! Way to go Dad!!!!!

Rocky said to tell you his storm watch has been going really well. He says it looks like we are not going to meet hericane Dean, he plans to vacation in Mexico instead. We sure hope all of our friends down that way are prepared to weather the storm.



Aug 18, 2007

Storm Watch

So, I am on storm watch vigil once again. See me here watching the sky? Mom is always checking some goofy map on the internet, but I think my way is best. They keep calling this a herican and they say it's name is Dean. Sounds like a himicane to me, but whatever...

Later dudes and dudettes---

Aug 15, 2007

Oops---we forgot to post the cake pics!

This is a picture of us not getting along, because we know that is something Mom can't stand. That's what she gets for not sharing her stupid old cakes. So there!

Ozzie and Rocky
Two Angry, Wild and Crazy Guys

Clouds and Cakes

So we told Mom she should post a few pictures of the clouds we've got going on outside so you guys can see what the weather is like here right now. It's not raining YET. The clouds really look kind of cool.
We've had to endure cake baking without the cake testing. Mom is making cakes to take to a stupid bridal shower tomorrow (yeah, a bridal shower during a tropical storm, how crazy is that?????) It's for a lady she works with. Anyway she made one last night that she said was an orange pound cake and it smelled yummy. She and our brother Dylan tasted a tiny l ittle piece but they wouldn't toss any our way. Tonite she made a chocolate one and she said "No, you can't try any of this cake because you know you can't have chocolate." How lame is that? Anyway, since we have to look at them and not get to try them, we thought we would at least share pictures of them with you guys.

Battoning Down the Hatches...

Looks like we are in for some more weather here. Hopefully Tropical Storm Erin won't bring much more but a little rain. Next week might be interesting too. Mom says there's another storm named Dean that might be paying a visit. We are ready for some nice fall weather already. Big brother left for school and he said he'd be back when we can smell the turkey. We are really looking forward to that!

More later,

Ozzie and Rocky

Aug 9, 2007

Dad's Cooking

Our dad is cooking for us. He says since he can't eat it himself, he is just happy cooking for us. We think that's a pretty good deal. Last night we had cheese steak sandwiches and this morning he fixed almond french toast. But we heard our evil mother say something like if he intended to keep this up he would have to get out the Weight Watcher's cookbook because he was sabataging her "diet". Whatever! Come on Mom. A guys gotta eat. We would have loved to share photos of this lucious food with you, but for some reason we couldn't get the camera out fast enough. Oh well, maybe next time... THERE WILL BE A NEXT TIME MOM!

Ozzie & Rocky

Aug 6, 2007

Ozzie Knows it All (Yeah Right...)

So there have been lots of exciting things going on around our house lately. First off, my Dad had some kind of drastic bye-past surgery. I guess he is trying to forget some awful memory or something. Anyway, he has been home all week and we are having a good time hanging out with him.

In other news, our oldest human brother is getting ready to start his third year at some belly button school in Minneapolis. I can't imagine there would be that much to learn about belly buttons, but oh well.

Our youngest human brother is going to height school this year. He did get a little taller this summer so I guess it's about time----Ozzie

O.k. gang. Ozzie's ear problem is back. Evidently, he is not hearing too well, on top of other things. To clarify his post, our Dad had Gastric By-Pass surgery. He is doing terrific and we are doing an even terrificer job of helping him get better. Our oldest brother is leaving next week to start his 3rd year at the Naval Academy in Annapolis. We are very proud of him. And our youngest human will be a freshman in high school. Geez, where does the time go. It seems he was only a puppy yesterday. Ha! Ha!



Aug 1, 2007

Another seizure

So, mom told me I had another seizure today. I can't remember it though. I feel just fine. Do any of you other doggies ever have that problem? I know that Waylon does. Mom said this is the fourth one that I have had (that she knows of). She is glad that it didn't happen when Ozzie and I were at that boring place while she was gone. Anyway, if any of you other doggies have seizures, we would sure like to hear from you. I haven't been diagnosed, but Mom said she heard that it is really common in Bostons like me.


Glad to be home

So, we were so excited when we pulled our blog up today and saw that we had several new comments. It is always so nice to hear from our friends.

We think we were in doggy jail for the last three days (Mom: No guys, you were just boarded for three days) That's right we were bored, that's for sure. Our people had to make a trip out of town and they said no dogs were allowed. Can you believe that??? Anyways, they brought us new toys and treats so I guess we got something out of the deal. We are so happy to be back and we look forward to getting caught up with every doggies blog. Hope you all had a good first half of the week.

Ozzie & Rocky