Aug 28, 2008

Update on our Grandpa

Our Grandpa is doing much better. Thanks for all your prayers and good thoughts! He is currently in the rehab section at the hospital. They say he will be there at the very least for twenty days. Our Grandma told our Mom today that they allow canine visitors there. Grandpa's little dacshund Tanika will be very glad to hear that news! Mom hopes to go along on that trip so that she can take a few pictures to post on our blog. That will be some reunion because Tanika is Grandpa's little shadow!


Nevis said...

That's awesome news!!! Congrats!

Puddleglum said...

Hooray! My Mom's grandpa died in April, so I know from having to comfort her that it is tough.

Good luck!

Petra said...

How pawsome that Tanika can go visit your grandpa! I hope the time passes quickly and that he can get back home soon.

Bobo the Boston Terrier said...

Glad to hear your grandpa is doing better.

Hope you are doing better too and not having anymore seizures.

Peanut said...

Glad he is doing better. That is great that Tanika can go visit. It will make them both feel better

Simba said...

Glad to hear Grandpa is feeling better.

Simba x

Joe Stains said...

wow, finally some good news!!! I bet Tanika will be so happy and so will you grampa!!

Lorenza said...

Hi, friends!
I am sure your Grandpa will be better sooner seeing Tanika there with him!
Paws crossed
Kisses and hugs

River said...

We hope that your grandpa will get better soon. How nice he can have his Tanika come visit. That will really help his recovery! Sending pawsitive thoughts.

love & wags,

Maggie and Mitch said...

We're so glad to hear that your grandpa is doing better! We can't wait to see pictures of your visit to see him!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Mack said...

I am so glad your gwampa is getting better - Maybe you two can go to the hospital to visit him!