Jul 20, 2007

Mom cooked for us today!!!

So we thought we would share with you what Mom cooks for us. The top picture is what the food looks like. The bottom picture shows what our bowls look like when we are finished pigging out. Mom cooks sweet potatoes, baking potatoes, yellow squash, zuchini, green beans and carrots and she mixes in either chicken or hamburger. Today we got hamburger. Yum! She fixes a big enough batch to last us three days and then she cooks again. We sure do love it.



rpm said...

Oh my goodness...you dinner looks so good to me! Does your mom put any oil or butter in it while cooking?

tcath1962 said...

Nope. We don't get extra oil. Maybe a little residue from the ground beef (but she drain's it). She does save the chicken broth if she uses chicken to moisten it when she warms it up though. She found this recipe on-line--it's for dogs with seizures---Rocky sometimes has those. We do still eat a little dry food too though and we get vitamins.

Waylon & Willie - the Boston Terrier brothers said...

That looks tasty!

Waylon has not had any tests.. does yours have mild or severe seizures? Waylon's are usually severe - locking up unable to move or balance, and literally "seizing"..it is horrible..have you had any luck w/ diet changes?

bt said...

mmm.. that looks so good! my mom cooks for me too, but i'd like to try some of yours!