Jun 28, 2007

Oops! He did it again...

Well we know for sure now what Rocky's problem was the last time Mom said he was acting "weird". He had a seizure...It happened again at lunch today when Mom took us out to do our business. She put our leashes on us and we went out to the front yard. We hadn't been out there very long at all when Rocky's legs turned to rubber and he fell over on his side. Mom freaked. I don't think she even realized she had let go of my leash until I was halfway down the street. But I only went halfway. Anyways, she petted him and talked to him and when he didn't get better right away she picked him up and carried him inside. She had already hollered at my people brother to wake up Dad because Rocky's dyin (geez Mom, control yourself already). Dad got up and held him until it was over. Then he was his old self again. Anyway Mom's been on the internet looking up seizures and epilepsy in Bostons and planning on cooking special diets and probably a trip to the vet for Rocky this weekend.
Catch you later,

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