Jul 6, 2006

no rest for the wicked

The boys did NOT want to sleep last night. Therefore, when I got up at 6:30 this morning, I had probably only had about 3 hours sleep. Ozzie was the worst. I don't know if he ate something that disagreed with him or what. He wouldn't lay down, kept marching around my head. He would let out these wet sounding farts and run to the end of the bed. He also shivered uncontrollably and seemed to be frightened. Rocky wasn't sick, but he had to join in on the fright thing. I think I took Ozzers out about 4 times. Brought back memories of when my sons were babies. (I didn't take them outside to potty at night but I had a few sleepless nights). I don't do near as well with the broken sleep now as I did twenty years ago. Hopefully things will be better tonight. Of course with my luck they have slept all day and are probably ready to go round two...

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